These pictures are of a previously pollarded sycamore tree in a conservation area of Dundee. The first picture was taken to show to the City Council the extent of decay which was probably present. At this point I was removing some lower branches overhanging the owner's & a neighbouring property. After seeing this (pic 1) I thought that drastic measures were called for. Pic 2 confirms my fears. The rot is extensive. We dismantled the crown of the tree before felling the trunk as there were houses, other trees & a road surrounding the tree. The trunk was so rotten that it broke in two on impact with the ground. You can just make out the branch wood being chipped into the truck in the background of pic 2.

This time it's a windblown larch hanging in an old lime tree. There was actually a road between the two trees. I secured the trunk of the larch with a rope to be lowered down once the crown was safely felled into the field below.
Half way through dismantling dangerous lime tree.